Gamifying the Gym

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The real world meets RPG (in a high-tech, but still slightly nerdy way).

FitRPG is taking gamification to the next level (and the next, and the next as you can keep levelling up) by ‘Gamifying Fitbit’.

Born out of a group project at Hack Reactor, FitRPG is an immersive gaming app, available for iOS and Android, that uses data from a connected fitness tracker to drive gameplay. The game starts by letting users select one of four character classes, and then transforms the wearer’s data on steps, sleep and overall activity into in-game stats for that character.

As more exercise is done, points are earned, and these points can then be spent on in-game items to improve the characters stats, level, and available quests. The quests are intended to provide a way to motivate players to accomplish their specific fitness goals. Currently available in four categories: steps, distance, sleep and strength – they all run on time limits and players will lose or gain gold and xp based on their own performance within the time. Users can also ‘battle’ friends, with the game awarding a prize to whoever is the most ‘FIT’.


To let the company introduce themselves: “FitRPG encourages a healthier lifestyle by coupling it with an RPG that turns your fitness data into skills, experience points, and HP that you can use to engage in battles against your friends. You can also go on quests to earn more gold and experience points.”

Currently available for free on Google Play and the Apple Store, the developers are running a Kickstarter campaign this month with the hope of developing the app into a much larger world – adding a long running RPG story and transforming the text-based interface the app currently relies on into a graphic one.

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